Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Morgan's new-generation 3 Wheeler is a fabulously bonkers little thing - and I mean that in the most complimentary manner. There is arguably no new car on the market that can rival it for smiles-per-pound; it's a 550kg tub with two spindly wheels at the front, a fat one at the back, a V-twin bolted to the nose, and nothing else. And while there are just two cylinders, they displace a whole litre each; combine this with the open pipes that flank the body, and you get an animated pop-pop-pop like a WWII fighter plane.
It's a tight fit too - squishing into the seat and folding yourself under the wheel like intricate meat origami, you end up wearing the car like a metal cagoule, low enough to reach out and scratch the road surface with your fingernails. But despite the theatrics, it's a doddle to drive; the gearbox is a Mazda MX-5 item, the clutch is light... once you've got used to the tanker-like turning circle, it's a breeze. Literally, actually, as there's no real windscreen to speak of.
The most fun part is that all of that accessible torque is fired through the single rear wheel, which will break traction at any given opportunity - you'll find yourself taking every corner with an armful of opposite lock, snaking toward the horizon as the screeching tyre mixes with the thudding engine and rasping side-pipe crescendo. It really is a chuckle.

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