Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Miura 400 SV

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Miuras are always special. With ideas pinched from the humble Mini (the transversely-mounted engine, the gearbox-in-sump arrangement) and an overtly race-car-for-the-road ethos that saw the car designed behind Ferruccio Lamborghini's back - he was more keen on building luxurious grand tourers - it had solid pedigree right from the start. The fact that Marcello Gandini styled it to look like some kind of boisterous spaceship has ensured that it's every bit as jaw-dropping today as it was when it was unveiled in Geneva in 1966.

Of course, even the most beautiful and blood-stirring creations will just be things to some people. This particular Miura, one of the final fifty 400 SVs built, was delivered new to the Saudi royal family in 1972. This is a family that famously has rather a lot of fancy cars, and it seems that this one was overlooked - it was parked up at the back of a storage facility and largely forgotten about, until it was rediscovered in 2008. It was brought to the UK, given a full cosmetic and mechanical restoration to concours standard, and entered into the 2013 Salon Privé by renowned classic supercar racer, dealer and collector Joe Macari. And that's where you see it here, glinting in the glorious London sunshine. A fresh start for a noble bull.

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