Monday, 16 December 2013

'65 Mustang Fastback

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Well, this is a racy little number. There are a variety of different approaches you can take with early Mustangs - concours original, period tuned, drag, hot rod, retro racer - but it's not often you see one that's been prepared like this. From a distance, it could have been lifted from late-sixties Willow Springs, but when you get close and peek through the windows you see that's it's bang-up-to-date race prepped. Those lightweight Kirkey buckets are pretty much the most hardcore race seats you can get, while the rather serious rollcage and dinner plate-sized rev counter suggest that this is not all for show.
Looks fun, doesn't it? And it's for sale too. Probably for many, many monies.

Spotted at the Krispy Kreme, Dec '13. Click here for more photos.

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