Friday, 15 November 2013

Anniversary Countach

Words & pictures - Daniel Bevis

For a lot of enthusiasts - me included, actually - the 25th Anniversary edition of the Lamborghini Countach is a bit, er, flash in comparison to the delicate 1974 original. Those beautiful, wilfully peculiar Gandini arches are hidden behind massive plastic extensions, the external airboxes are cartoonishly vast, the side-strakes are positively Testarossa-esque - the whole thing screams nineteen-eighties excess, a world apart from the lithe futurism of the early-seventies concept.
...but let's not allow this to denigrate the majesty of the Anniversary Countach. Historical precedent can go hang - this is, by any chalk, a phenomenal machine. It builds on the base of the 5000QV, with its 5.4-litre, 4-valves-per-cylinder behemoth amidships, the carburettors moved from the sides to the top of the engine to ensure that rearward visibility really is close to zero. (Hey, if you're going fast enough it doesn't matter what's behind you, right?) Thrown into this heady mix is a unique Anniversary bodykit - it was the eighties, bodykits were in - as well as some frankly rather silly 345/35 R15 rear tyres, the widest of any production car at the time. The tail-lights were narrowed to be more squinty. And here's a thing - the restyle was taken care of by none other than Horacio Pagani. So it can't be bad, can it?

Perhaps it's not worse (or better) in any meaningful sense than those early LP400s. Just different.
Spotted at Salon Privé 2013 - click here for more photos.

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