Tuesday, 19 November 2013

1,005bhp Quattro

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

I like that picture. On the right is one of the first cars I ever wrote a Retro Cars feature for, Mark Nightmares' pro-street Escort with 600bhp+. On the left? That's the cover star of the latest issue, a home-built, Group B-inspired SWB Quattro with a frankly absurd 1,005bhp under the bonnet and a turbo so large it has its own postcode. Hearing this thing in action is a befuddling assault on the eardrums; a disparate mix of creamy - yet urgent - turbo whistle and rifle-crack exhaust barks. But you don't hear it for long, as it covers ground in a blurry homage to that bit in Spaceballs where they go to Ludicrous Speed.
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Pics from the 2013 Retro Rides Gathering - click here for more.

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