Monday, 14 October 2013

Supercharged Series One

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

I think this might be the first ever Land Rover to appear on SuckSqueezeBangBlow. Pretty cool though, isn't it?
It's a 1949 80" Series One, one of only 1,500 of such models to be supplied with a light green chassis and body. It currently runs a 1955 Land Rover engine with an alloy R60 head and an SU carb, but the fun part is... well, kinda given away by the badges and graphics, actually. Bolted to that venerable old unit is an Eaton M45 Roots-type supercharger, providing the militaristic old hector with a handy 105bhp. With that sort of unseemly thrust, it's just as well for the occupants that there's a set of Austin Healey seats in there to stop 'em falling out.

Spotted at the Goodwood Revival - click here for more photos.

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