Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hurst Hemi Under Glass

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Bob Riggle's Hurst Hemi Under Glass is the stuff of Mopar legend. Well, to be precise, the name 'Hurst Hemi Under Glass' was given to a series of wheelstanders built between 1965-75, with each being based on the current model year Plymouth Barracuda. The one we're looking at here, the most iconic and celebrated of the bunch, is a replica of the 1968 car, which Riggle has been exhibiting around the global show circuit since 1992.
Why 'Under Glass'? Because the Chrysler Hemi was mounted beneath the Barracuda's vast rear window, the ensuing weight-shifting characteristics under acceleration enabling the car to be a wheelstander; when Bob floors the throttle, the nose lifts straight into the air. And how does he drive such a bonkers machine at a place like the Goodwood Festival of Speed's hillclimb which, y'know, has corners and stuff? Fear not, there are fiddle brakes at the rear so he can steer the car by braking individual wheels. How magnificently strange.

Snapped at the 2013 Festival of Speed - click here for more photos.

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