Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Brooklands - Classic American Car Day

Photos - Mark Saunders; words - Daniel Bevis

Ah, October. The sunshine of September is but an amber-hued, sepia-toned memory, breathlessly drifting out of reach, a whisper on the chill autumn wind. The leaves turn brown, the skies turn grey, chunky jumpers are pulled from the backs of closets...
Still, let's not be downhearted. Mark Saunders has poured a steady, thick trickle of creamy September whimsy into SuckSqueezeBangBlow this morning, with this blue-skied set of photos from Brooklands' Classic American Car Day back on September 8th. I mean, sure, it did rain a bit... but it's England, we always carry a brolly even if it's t-shirt weather. Stiff upper lip and all that. And as you can see, the day was studded with sumptuous Americana - certainly enough to imbue a sense of warmth into the crisp Surrey foliage.
So stop looking out of the window at the glum weather, brew up a cuppa and luxuriate in this instead. It'll cheer you up.

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