Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Abarth-Simca 2000

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Much like the whole Ford/Ghia association, Abarth will always be viewed by a certain amount of younger folk as little more than a Fiat spec-level, which is a shame. Abarth & C. Spa was founded in 1949, and has produced more iconic and exciting race cars over the years than you've had hot, er, clichés.
...and this one is arguably more exciting than most. One of the stars of this year's Salon Privé, it's a 1963 Abarth-Simca 2000 - the last model built as part of the Abarth/Simca collaboration before the latter was acquired by Chrysler. Its 1,946cc Simca four-banger produced 202bhp, propelling the lithe 690kg racer to a staggering top speed of 168mph. This very car was exhibited on the '63 Motor Show circuit, and subsequently proved to be an incredibly successful racer: in 1965 alone it secured ten first place finishes, two second, two third and one fourth out of fifteen starts. You can't really argue with that, can you?

Click here for more photos from Salon Privé 2013.

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simcaboy said...

Wow. Such an important car so glad it has survived cannot wait to see it racing again. Must be million pound plus now with such history.