Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'66 Beetle

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

With no disrespect to rat Beetles and patinated examples, I think Bugs look best when they're this straight and clean. And it's obvious with this one that the fastidious approach to modification is more than skin-deep - look behind those chromed Porsche Fuchs rims, and you'll see a vast set of Porsche brakes at the front. I wonder what manner of sorcery resides beneath that engine lid to require such serious stopping power...?
The rest of the car is awash with tasteful and classy detail too, from those Cal-look bumper spars to the all-red tail-lights that echo the deep red of the sumptuous leather retrim. And that liquid black paint is deep enough to drown in. An utterly flawless and wholly loveable car.

Spotted at the 2013 Retro Rides Gathering - click here for more photos.

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