Tuesday, 22 October 2013

'64 Cortina

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This mkI Cortina is a real case of less-is-more. There's nothing in-your-face or shouty about it, and yet its very presence suggest perkiness and the potential for rapid progress - it's the combination of that low-slung stance and those dishy banded steels that implies a sweetly breathed-upon box of tricks under the bonnet. The pristine Spruce Green paint shouldn't shout 'performance', but it's all about context, isn't it? And the closer you look, the more details emerge - the crystal headlights, the repro period plates, the absence of mirrors - this is a build that has enjoyed careful consideration. The fact that it's a sparcely-equipped, Consul-badged 1964 model makes it all the more special. A little autumnal treat to brighten your day.

Spotted at the 2013 Goodwood Revival - click here for more photos.

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