Monday, 2 September 2013

Project Eighty-Seven

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

Well well, here it is... my fifth 1.9 GTI, bought yesterday for a bargain price. It's an '87 Phase 1, and is über-nineties in terms of modifications, with the Magnex exhaust and Momo wheel. Aside from that, the K&N induction kit and the Bilstein suspension, it's pretty much standard. I'll be running it as a project car for Retro Cars magazine - can you buy a retro hot hatch for under a grand (er, yes), and modify it on a modest monthly budget on the mean streets of southwest London? Have I bought a diamond or a dud? Will it get nicked? Only time will tell...

Stay tuned to Retro Cars for full updates. Oh, and I'll be posting up pictures here, and running a build thread here.

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