Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Manic 105E

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This is probably one of the more deranged Ford Anglias you'll see today. Far from the sensible, tweed-encrusted dadmobiling of the pre-Escort world, and rather more in-your-face than Ron Weasley's dad's 105E (sorry, Anglia fans hate the constant Harry Potter references), this is an Anglia like no other. As you can tell from the caricaturised proportions, the heavily reworked body is now a silhouette, draped over a racy spaceframe. With its engorged arches housing massive Team Dynamics rims, it looks like some kind of chaotic fusion of old-school oval racer and Supertouring-era BTCC car. The big Wilwood brakes and chunky intercooler hint at the the grunt that backs up the looks, while a plethora of old-school touches - such as the leather straps holding the boot closed - tie it firmly to its classic roots. Anglias don't come a lot more aggressive than this.

These photos were taken at the 2013 Retro Rides Gathering (click here for more), although when SuckSqueezeBangBlow spotted the car at the Retro Show at Santa Pod, we got a glimpse under the bonnet too: click here to see the turbocharged lunacy that lurks within...

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