Monday, 16 September 2013

Goodwood Revival 2013

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The Goodwood Revival, as you're probably aware, is a whimsical motorsport event that bills itself as 'a magical step back in time'. (The uninitiated can click here for more info.) Diverse celebrations this year included the 110th anniversary of the Tour de France and a tribute to Jim Clark's illustrious racing career, as well as a showcase of the Ford GT40, which achieved a 1-2-3 at the 1966 Le Mans 24hr - 1966 being the thematic cutoff point of the Revival. In fact, there were so many GT40s present that it was kind of overwhelming, and when an unprecedented full grid of them took to the track, the crowds were gobsmacked by the sheer heroism of it all. (Click here to see just how much arm-twirling is required to wrestle one around a wet track!)
The trademark thrills and spills kept the crowds gasping and covering their eyes, with the second part of the St. Mary's Trophy race seeing Andrew Ruhan's Mini Cooper S roll over several times, while Rae Davis' Renault 8 Gordini got some impressive air before turning itself into a distinctly un-Renaultlike shape. But this is all part of racing - the cars are built to compete, and sometimes sailing against the ragged edge sees drivers tip right over it. Them's the breaks. You certainly can't deny the beautiful savagery and splendour of seeing eight-figure Ferrari GTOs scraping doors with Cobras in the fight for the apex...

As ever with an event this massive, I'll be chopping it up into bite-sized chunks and feeding you the piquant morsels over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned!
Oh, and the impatient can click here for all the photos.

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