Tuesday, 20 August 2013

V8 mkI Golf

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

The retro VW scene is such a massive and bedazzling entity that it is, to some degree, a victim of its own success. The quality of builds within the scene is so stratopsherically high that perfectly good cars - indeed, sometimes amazing cars - get overlooked because of the sheer weight of numbers. So if you want to stand out amongst the other classic VeeDubs, you have to do something a bit special...

...something like throwing a V8 into a mkI Golf, for example. Now, there's a bit of a trend for using modern Audi V8s in old-school VWs (an astonishing feat in itself), but there's something pleasingly period-correct about this small-block V8, resplendent in pancake filter and custom Volkswagen-branded cam covers, sitting between those pristine inner wings. The car as a whole is a riot of detail, from the aircooled Beetle dash to the shaved engine bay, the colour-coded 'cage to the side-exit exhausts. Those chunky rims are ever so appropriate too - evoking a Cal-look vibe, but also drawing a link to the sort of muscle cars that such an engine would normally be found in. All in all, a clever and unique build, and well deserving of a second look. And a third, and a fourth...

Spotted at RRG13. Click here for more photos.

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