Thursday, 22 August 2013

Type 3 Variant

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The Volkswagen Type 3 Variant is a fundamentally odd concept, in a very cool way: take the established VW layout of having an aircooled motor hung behind the rear wheels, and stick a massive load bay above it. The Type 3 was also available in fastback and notchback (saloon) iterations, which had a real 'family man's Beetle' vibe, but the Variant - estate, to you and me - seems somehow a bit counter-intuitive. Wouldn't your groceries get hot sitting on top of the motor...?

Well, no, you'd put them under the bonnet, wouldn't you? Silly question. The real question with this particular Variant is: how would you like it to look, if it were yours? Do you feel that the patina it's wearing in its current state tells interesting tales of its past, or would you prefer to see it shimmering in a Cal-look riot of candy colours? I'll be honest, I'm torn between the two. I'm picturing it in a metallic emerald green with cream lace-paint accents, but at the same time it looks pretty damn cool as it is. What do you reckon?

Spotted at RRG13 - click here for more photos.

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