Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rat Capri

Words & pictures: Daniel Bevis

There are a number of directions you can take when modifying a Capri: ETCC, 24v Cosworth, Brooklands 280, South London, Delboy pratmobile... but if you really want to scare people, you can't go wrong with this sort of vibe. We're talking bumperless, knackered paint, copious rust, brutal wide Wellers under JDM arches, and naughty black plates. And sure, scrape the front plate off on the grass and just leave it hanging there, because you're a badass.
We like this very much. Mainly because it'll make old people tut and shake their heads.

Spotted at RRG13 - click here for more photos.

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jabbott said...

A Mad Max fan perhaps?