Thursday, 15 August 2013

Project 7: close-up

Photos - Daniel Bevis & Mark Saunders; words - Daniel Bevis

You may remember SuckSqueezeBangBlow getting a little giddy about Jaguar's Project 7 in the run-up to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. (If not, click here.) Well, as promised, we had a little poke around it to bring you some more detail.

...and detail is something that really defines Project 7. This is largely thanks to the inherent intricacies of the base car, the F-Type, which is a sort of multi-faceted jewel as much as it is a sports car. Everywhere you look you'll find sumptuous minutiae, from the etched Jaguar logo inside the pop-out door handles to the razor-sharp citrus wedges that form the tail-lights. Project 7 slathers myriad fresh ideas upon this canvas, with its helmet-shelf in place of a passenger seat (here seen with the livery-matched lid perched proudly atop it), Jaguar-branded tyres, copious shimmering carbon-fibre and even a little pair of sunglasses on the Jaguar grille badge.
Oh, and that 550bhp V8 sounded every bit as dreamy as it does in this video!

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Luke Ng said...

Where can I get the Red Jaguar with Sunglasses emblem?