Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Goodwood Breakfast Club: Thoroughbred Sunday

Photos: Mark Saunders; words - Daniel Bevis

SuckSqueezeBangBlow spends so much time waxing lyrical about the relentless splendour of Goodwood events, you must know them all inside out by now. So you know the setup for the Breakfast Club: a monthly Sunday morning meet that celebrates cars around a particular theme (Soft-Top Sunday, say, or Supercar Sunday), in which themed cars park along the start/finish straight and stretch around the historic circuit. The paddocks soon fill with exotic fare too, while the car parks are a show in themselves. It's a thoroughly civilised way to start the day.

So, August's theme was 'Thoroughbred Sunday'. And as you can see from Mark Saunders' atmospheric photos here, there was much to enjoy; as the early morning sun peeped through the clouds over the South Downs, a plethora of classic metal swarmed toward the circuit, with the usual diversity manifesting itself with alacrity. Ferrari 250 GT Lussos and Lancia Aurelias rubbed shoulders with Frogeye Sprites and Ford Fairlanes... and where else but Goodwood would you find a pro-street Triumph Herald in the same paddock as an Aston Martin DB2 and a Bentley S3 Coupe?

Click here for more photos, and here for further Breakfast Club info

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