Thursday, 22 August 2013

'68 Daimler V8

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Bruce Holder, the mastermind behind Area 52, is no stranger to controversy. He loves to build deliberately jarring cars that polarise opinion, from his slammed Bedford Rascal to the stance-darling MX-5, the mkIII Escort estate on JDM rims to the post-apocalyptic Delica. Toeing the line isn't really his thing.

So when he announced recently that he'd bought a late-sixties Daimler, a few eyebrows were arched in amusement. Was the king of the outlandish mod finally settling down into pipe-and-slippers old age? Had he grown weary of the arena of automotive conflict...?
Not a bit of it. In fact, he's taking this Daimler to unexpected extremes - this is the first car that Bruce has actually had to raise up again because he'd lowered it too far, which speaks volumes of his commitment to usable awesomeness. As it currently stands, the car is running and legit, ready to upset the common-or-garden classic car enthusiast and send monocles flying all over the place. And Bruce has further plans... click here to follow the build's progress.
One thing he won't be doing, however, is messing with that gloriously patinated paint. That would be sacrilege.

Spotted at RRG13 - click here for more photos.

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Tig said...

Such a beautifully weathered car. Perfect patina.