Thursday, 11 July 2013

Yamaha XR2

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

The mkI Fiesta is commonly accepted within the realm of the classic Ford today. Sure, as recently as a few years ago it was being lambasted by the purists for being too new and wrong-wheel drive (an absurd basis for an argument), but with the first examples rolling off the forecourts as early as 1976, it's fairly safe to call them classic cars now.
And because they're so entrenched in the retro mindset, we find all sorts of interesting modifications being thrown at them. It's not unusual to find them powered by Zetecs or Duratecs, and you'll even see examples with BD-series engines, converted to rear-wheel drive, and all kinds of other tricks.

Sean Chessum's XR2, however, takes things to another level. The first thought that may leap to mind when you look under the bonnet is 'aha, that's a set of bike carbs'. Then a sense of realisation floods your mind, and you think 'right, yes, it's a bike engine...'
The engineering ingenuity displayed throughout the car is very impressive indeed. The Yamaha engine's gearbox is controlled by paddle-shifters, while you'll also spot inside a hydraulic handbrake, flocked dash, chunky Cobra seats, a sturdy rollcage and a fuel cell in the boot. If you're thinking it looks a little over-wheeled on those sixteens, they're necessary to cover the girthsome Wilwood brakes. The polycarbonate windows and bonnet & boot pins speak volumes of its purpose, while the overall cleanness of the build neatly fuses motorsport aggression with concours fastidiousness. On the whole, you'd do well to find a more desirable Fiesta than this.

Spotted at the 2013 Retro Show - click here for more photos

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JB said...

Looks amazing but now I just want to hear it run!