Monday, 8 July 2013

VW down!

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

The VAG scene is famously diverse when it comes to monkeying about with suspension and rolling stock. And because it's such a vibrant scene, there's a constant frenzied clamour to create that unique look, something that no-one else on the scene has attempted - so when a new model is launched, it's like dropping a gazelle's hoof into a shark tank.

Eagerly gnawing on that delicious hoof is Dan Haines, with his cheekily reworked up! (lower-case nomenclature and superfluous exclamation mark are Volkswagen's own, take it up with them...), showroom-fresh and already showing the scene kids what's what. The name, of course, lends itself rather beautifully to a diametric opposition: when one lowers the car, one is no longer driving an up! - one is driving a down!. Naturally.

Dan's down! enjoys its new-found lowness thanks to Weitec Hicon GT coilovers, tucking those cartoonishly-larger-than-standard rims neatly into the arches whilst retaining everyday driveability. And the rims themselves? They're Mercedes W220 S-Class wheels in 7.5x17" flavour, painted VW Metallic Grey, and held in situ by a set of 20mm 4x100 to 5x112 adaptors. The VW badge on the nose is painted to match the wheels, while its tailgate counterpart is deleted. A custom down! emblem replaces the up! - neat touch, that - while the aftersales-only VW sideskirts beef up the profile a little in line with the bulging girth beneath the arches. Suddenly the cute little city car isn't so cute. Well, it is, but it may well rip your leg off if you cock it a naughty eye. Be warned.

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