Monday, 8 July 2013

Retro Show - Santa Pod 2013

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

Well, we've got Pod-face. The thermometer in the SuckSqueezeBangBlow-mobile was registering a heady 33°C as the relentless (and somewhat surprising) sunshine scorched the crowds at Santa Pod for the 2013 Retro Show.
There was quality and quantity in the sheer variety of old tin displayed by myriad car clubs, forums and groups of mates, while the more hardcore drag aficionados arrived with trailers, crews and lashings of methanol. For fans of improbable thrust, there was a jet car running 5.9-second quarters (loud enough to blast the wax from your ears - gross, but true), while those of a more low-and-slow persuasion were entertained by plentiful panscraping Ladas, Beetles and all manner of other old-school fare. The show-and-shine gleamed with unusual and diverse concours machinery, and the club stands buzzed with eclectic cars, whimsical chatter and crispy red skin.
Stay tuned to SSBB this week for close-up features on some of our highlights from the show... and in the meantime, why not have a flick through the photos? Click here.

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