Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

This project smacks of logic and sensibleness. I mean, it might appear at first glance to be a rather silly and frivolous thing, but think of it this way: I used to run an NA Mazda MX-5 as a daily driver, and my principle conclusions were 'incredible handling, incredible gearbox, incredible fun to drive, not all that practical for weekends away'. So, this car effectively retains all of the benefits of the legendary '5 whilst adding in a bit of extra load space. What the guy's done is build an MX-5 Shooting Brake, with a jarring British Leyland aesthetic. Clever.

As you may have deduced from the photos, this is pretty much all Mazda beneath the skin - even the inner wings are nineties Hiroshima. The interior is challenging (unfinished, obviously), but it does give an interesting insight into what kind of electrical spaghetti is going on behind your dash! The '79 Mini Clubman Estate silhouette has been stretched, squished and teased into the right shape to fit over the MX-5 floorpan - an endeavour which, brilliantly, has necessiated some badass arch extensions and a very close-to-the-ground ride height. Can't wait to see this finished.

Spotted at the 2013 Retro Show - click here for more photos

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