Monday, 1 July 2013

Maverick Drifter

Words & photos: Rodrigo Romão

Straight from Rio de Janeiro, this 1973 Ford Maverick GT has received some very special treatment at the Mega Marcas shop. Originally built as part quarter-mile drag car, part trackday monster, it seems that the owner didn't feel like racing on straights, nor apexing corners, and so it became a drifting machine.

Marcus Motta, aka 'Kiko', inherited a racing passion from his father, Marcos Motta - champion of the Brazilian Corsa Cup and numerous other championships. Kiko had the opportunity to race in the Brazilian Formula Ford, Chevrolet and Renault open-car championships, obtaining some reputation due to his regularity.
His debut on the Paulista Drift Championship, however, was nothing short of amazing. Practicing only two days before it, his results left the Brazilian and Japanese jury with their jaws on the floor.

Under the hood, we find a robust 302ci V8, with forged Sealed Power rods & pistons and Crower 296°/300° cams, fed by a Holley Proform 750 Quadrajet carb. With 421bhp pushing to the wheels, an electro-hydraulic steering setup helps the driver to keep the car on its way, along with a 50%-way LSD and 6-piston Wilwood brakes on all four corners, taken from a Stock-Car Championship touring car. The wheels also came from Stock Cars - they're Binno Stock-Lights, in a staggered 18"x8.5", 18"x9.5" setup.
Inside, there's a Sparco steering wheel, an MXL Strada digital dashboard from AIM Sports with gear indicators and shiftlight, along with a sequential gearbox and a hydraulic handbrake lever. According to the driver, the car isn't yet on top of its game for drifting, but some modifications have already taken place. And with what it's already achieved, you know that it'll be a forced to be reckoned with...

Click here for more photos. Rodrigo Romão joins us courtesy of Dirty Kids Crew.


Mark said...

That's seriously cool.

Never heard of the Maverick before.... is it South American only?

juice said...

It was on sale in the US from 1969-77, and was also sold in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico & Canada.