Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Jaguar Project 7

Words - Daniel Bevis; photos - Jaguar

The days leading up to the Goodwood Festival of Speed always bristle with PR glimmers of tantalising new models and variants, as manufacturers keenly jostle for attention. There are usually some cars that stand out more than others; cars that have clearly had a lot of love and effort lavished upon them. And for 2013, the jewel in the pre-Goodwood crown is this, Jaguar's Project 7.

Taking the achingly gorgeous new F-Type as its base, Project 7 features bespoke carbon-fibre aero addenda and a D-Type-inspired tailfin; its name pays tribute to Jaguar's seven wins at Le Mans between 1951-90, and its blue hue honours that of the all-conquering D-Types of 1956/7.
Under the bonnet is a whacking great supercharger - of course - strapped to the bulletproof 5.0-litre V8; its 550bhp is good for 0-62mph in 4.1s and a top speed of 186mph.

Double-take at the unique interior and you'll spot that this is no country lane roadster, but has in fact been built as a single-seater - the recess on the passenger side is simply a place to rest the matching number 7 helmet when you park up in the pits (or outside a rural pub, depending on what kind of day you're having). And as you'd hope from Jaguar, this is no static concept. Chief engineer Mike Cross will be thrashing the life out of it up the historic Goodwood hill. That should be good. We'll be sure to take some pictures for you when we see it... in the meantime, scroll down and watch the video - turn your speakers up, it sounds INCREDIBLE.

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