Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Giugiaro Parcour

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

One of the more unusual cars in Goodwood's supercar paddock was this Lamborghini-engined oddity from Giugiaro. Indeed, the 4WD running gear that hangs off the bottom of the 5.2-litre, 542bhp V10 is all Lambo, and the overall aesthetic of the rock-hopping moon buggy design sits somewhere between SUV, crossover, sports car and grand tourer. Interestingly, given the phalanx of outlandish design cues and intricacies, the one comment that was most overheard near the Parcour was 'wow, look at the size of those wheels...' - even next to the borderline-overwheeled Aventador, those 22" rims looked outrageously donk-like. The fact that the unique tyres had artful Giugiaro branding simply added to the drama of the rolling stock.

...and this is no look-at-me static concept. Hidden beneath the skin is race-derived pushrod suspension, and the published figures for the car are an impressive 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 199mph. Sadly, however, you won't be seeing it do that anytime soon. You see that photo of it in motion at the bottom of this post? That's one of the last pictures of it in one piece before it was caught out by the tricky Molecomb corner, the hay bales rearranging its brutal form into something rather more jagged. Click here to see the carnage.
That happened on Friday - the Parcour wasn't seen for the rest of the weekend. The fearsome Molecomb takes no prisoners.

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