Tuesday, 23 July 2013

FoS 2013 - Through a Lens

Photos - Mark Saunders; words - Daniel Bevis

You've undoubtedly noticed the strong content bias toward the Goodwood Festival of Speed on SuckSqueezeBangBlow of late - only natural really, it's a pivotal UK motoring event with myriad tales to tell. I'll continue to post up highlights of various cars from the FoS in the coming days/weeks/whatever, but I thought it was time to give you a break from my ham-fisted snapping and allow you to enjoy some rather more beautiful photography.
These pictures are a selection of those taken by Mark Saunders - somebody you'll be seeing a lot more of around here from now on. His unique eye for detail allows his photos to tell expansive stories all of their own; from Stirling Moss's hard-earned laughter lines to the wacky Golden Submarine's outlandish teardrop, the triumphant wave of Peter Fonda to the majestic rump of the Pikes Peak 208 T16, there's plenty to enjoy here.

You can follow Mark on Instagram (and you should); his site is here, where he'll be sharing more of this set of Goodwood photos in the future. 

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