Friday, 26 July 2013

Devastated 007 DBS

Words & photos: Daniel Bevis

No, this isn't some new crash-look fad on the modifying scene. What you're looking at here is James Bond's Aston Martin DBS, which famously broke the world record for the number of barrel-rolls in an air-cannon assisted crash (a very specific record, that), flipping over seven times. Click here to see the full drama of the Casino Royale chase.

The car is, in fact, not a DBS - it's a DB9 dressed up to look like one (at the time of filming no DBSs actually existed, the model hadn't been launched yet), as well as being heavily reinforced to withstand the repeated impact. The stunt was roughed out and mapped by the crew at Dunsfold Aerodrome - home to BBC Top Gear, of course - and then filmed at Millbrook Proving Ground, a facility that replicates various different types of road and terrain. The chosen section of Millbrook mimics the winding, undulating roads of Montenegro, and a special ramp was fitted to give the car a bit of lift into the roll. It's too planted and well-engineered to crash properly, you see - with such a low centre of gravity, it's hard to get them airborne! Peace of mind for Aston owners, there...
At the exact moment that the car hit the ramp, travelling at approximately 75mph, the driver activated the air-cannon, which used pressurised nitrogen to fire a steel ram out of the car's floor and force it upwards. The results are what you see before you: one very mangled but somehow majestic DBS-alike.

Spotted at Aston Martin's Centenary event in Kensington Gardens - click here for more photos

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