Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Scene W210

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

There are a number of questions raised by this W210-generation E-class. Why the Maybach badges? Why have Land Rover emblems on wheels that clearly aren't from a Land Rover? Why the Panama plate?
The answer to all of these is obvious: fashion, innit.

The stance scene in the UK is largely dominated by the VAG stable - Volkswagens, Audis, SEATs, Skodas; they find themselves riding low on airbags, wearing wheels from other models, enjoying OEM+ touches (i.e. embellishments from more premium members of the wider group), and so forth. So what we find here with this Mercedes-Benz is a tongue-in-cheek sideswipe at the scene. It's a 'bagged German, but it's from Stuttgart rather than Wolfsburg. It wears the badges of a luxurious bigger brother. Its faux-Panamanian identity speaks of colourful culture, gold exports and gangster chic. And where countless Golfs and A4s wear Land Rover and Range Rover wheels, this W210 sports big, badass rims that just happen to have Land Rover emblems in their centres.
It's a bit cheeky, and I reckon it looks fantastic. It's also nice to see a W210 that isn't riddled with rust...

Spotted by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at the 2013 Players Classic

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