Thursday, 6 February 2014

Peppermint 3.0S

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Originally registered to the Ford Press Department in January 1978, this mkIII Capri 3.0S is thought to be the only one to leave the factory in Peppermint Green.
It was lent to Autocar magazine as a long-term test car, run by Lotus F1 driver John Miles and editor Tony Howard, before returning to Ford in May '79. Miles was so enamoured with the minty three-litre that he then bought it, thereafter using it as a testbed for his company - WM Developments - to try alternatives to Ford's own Series X triple-Weber setup. It also acted as a test car for the celebrated Aston Martin-tweaked Tickford Capris, so this really is a mkIII with a past!
It shows no signs of world-weariness today, though. You can see here, as it resides casually on the grass at the 2013 Bromley Pageant, that VHK 494S is every inch the everyman muscle Capri, as clean and straight today as it was in '78. A wonderful slice of Dagenham history.

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