Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lancia Appia Convertibile

Well now, isn't this a gorgeous little thing? Spotted at the Bromley Pageant amongst a variety of Lotus Sunbeams, Escort RS1600is and various other eighties fare, this late-fifties/early-sixties Michelotti-styled vision stood out like a recently hammered thumb.
Based on the diminutive Appia saloon launched in 1953, the Convertibile was a Vignale-built tourer that shared its mainstream brother's mechanicals, including the 1,100cc V4 engine. Just 1,500 examples were built and, if you subscribe to the notion that Lancias are made of wafer-thin steel-alike vapour that rusts as soon as you look at, breathe near or think about it, you'll appreciate that this is a pretty rare sighting. That it's original and pristine is something of a bonus.

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