Friday, 14 June 2013

Kevve's Aired-Out E21

For many people at the Players Classic, Kevve's E21 was the car of the show. Indeed, the fact that it, er, took home 'Car of the Show' sort of proves that.
It's a polarising build; I personally love everything about it, although friends of mine have commented that there's perhaps too much going on - the interior, for example, with its leather and velour and polished carbon-fibre... it's not to all tastes.
But like I say, I love it. The bespoke AccuAir setup lets it sit scene-meltingly low (the fuel tank has been relocated to allow this!), the standard arches have been aggressively flared, the colour-coded BBS splits suit the look perfectly, the outrageous pea-green of the interior is inspired - there's a lot to love here.
...and there was a little 'for sale' notice on the dash too. Interesting. Although €14,000 is a little out of my reach! Still, that's the same money as a new Kia Rio. I know which I'd rather have.

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