Monday, 10 June 2013

HPE mkII Escort

Harris Performance Engines brought a variety of interesting cars along to the Bromley Pageant - mostly Escorts, but with the odd Starlet and Fiesta thrown into the mix. The standout favourite though, for me at least, was this baby blue sweetheart. It's pretty much my dream spec for a mkII - South London aggression (low, clean, wearing wide polished-rim Minilites), flat-fronted, stripped interior with buckets and a Stack dash, and - best of all - a full-house HPE Pinto with twin downdrafts.
This is Escort perfection. As soon as my lottery numbers come up, something akin to this is the first thing I'll be buying.

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Jeff Harris said...

Well I'm gonna say I love this car because its one of my engines.I fact its my son James Harris' car !
Everything about this car oozes quality
Attention to detail is second to none.
If you could see all the modifications in this car you would appreciate it more.
The countless 1000s of hours that James has put into this car over the 12 or so years that he has owned this car makes this car what it is astounding " NUFF SAID "