Friday, 21 June 2013

Ford Torino Cobra

The third-gen Ford Torino is one of the more befuddling muscle cars of the nineteen-seventies. Firstly, people tend to hear the name and get confused with the later Gran Torino. ('It didn't look like that in Starsky and Hutch...') And secondly, despite being purebred Americana, it really looks like an Australian muscle car.
But don't be confused. The salient points are these: it's a US model, based on the Fairlane. It has a badass list of engine options, including a 429ci V8. It looks awesome. It is awesome.

This example is a 1970 Torino, the so-called 'New Torino'. It features Coke-bottle styling with a long hood and a short deck. And this one is the Cobra model - the top-of-the-tree, no-nonsense performance car, with four-on-the-floor, a Hurst shifter, matt-black bonnet and rear window louvres. It also has about 370bhp. So, when I said they were awesome...

Spotted by SuckSqueezeBangBlow at the Bromley Pageant

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