Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Floral S2000

The idea of plastering your car in flower stickers may bring on an involuntary shudder, conjuring images of ropey, hand-painted, hippie-wagon VWs in the sixties, or perhaps 'wacky' nineties mums with Micras. But in fact, as we see here, it can work brilliantly if carried out with a little care.
Sitting somewhere between sakura blossom and a Hawaiian garland, this Honda S2000 enjoys swathes of subtle flowers in a shade just off the body colour, so that they're not immediately obvious from a distance. And, somewhat brilliantly, the inside of the wheels are stickered up too!

No clues on engine specs unfortunately, although with the kind of aero on display it's presumably not shy. So, what do you make of the floral motif - rate or hate?

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