Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Rather Low V8 Escort

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

A repost here from June last year, as this Escort is on the cover of the current Classic Ford.

It may have looked somewhat out of place at the Players Classic, among the stanced VWs and what-have-you, but this Escort held its own through sheer bullish boisterousness. Parked at the Wheel Whores stand alongside a work-in-progress roof-chopped Morris Minor, the sea-blue mkI did its level best to show the whippersnappers how to scrape a sump.
A number of practical alterations hint at the lateral thinking that's gone into the build; the Rover V8's twin-SU carbs, for example, are poking cheekily through the bonnet like a pair of eager chicks pecking their way out of some vast blue egg. And the single windscreen wiper is now mounted on the roof...
Most impressive, though, is that the car clearly runs this low without a care for scene convention. Yes, a lot of mkI Escorts run low, but this is bordering on the absurd - those girthsome 9"-wide rear Revolutions are all but swallowed by the arches. You can almost hear the scrape of steel on tarmac. Magnificent.

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escortslondon said...

Looks really retro yet modern, love it mate.