Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Porsche 934 - BCZRCCR

When images of this Porsche first leaked onto the internet a week or so ago, it caused a bit of a sensation. And you can see why - with looks that sit somewhere between a RAUH-Welt build and a Kremer 934/5, it's pretty easy on the eye. The vast front and rear spoilers scream 'race car', and that sense of purpose is backed up by the interior, with its chunky rollcage and Kevlar Recaros. And those huge arches, stretched over gorgeous Rotiform rims (that reference the original BBS 935 race wheels)? Just magnificent.
Oh, and the colour scheme is a nod to the owner's other car - a Plymouth Arrow Sport pick-up truck. How cool is that...?
See the photos at source here.

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