Thursday, 23 May 2013

Police TR4

You may have heard about the Dubai police and their recent PR push to say 'ooh, we've got loads of supercars, you can't speed here, we'll easily catch you...' - all very silly of course; do they actually have an Aventador, a W12 Conti GT, an FF, an SLS AMG and, somewhat astonishingly, a One-77 on the beat? Well, no, it's just a very visible way of highlighting their crackdown on speeders.
But that sort of nonsense doesn't impress us, does it? If you want a bobby in a sports car, you simply have to cast your mind back to 1962, when the Southend-on-Sea County Borough Constabulary ordered a brand new Triumph TR4, modified it to police spec, and actually put it to use on the streets. None of this fancy showboating, they bought a sports car because they wanted to chase people in it.
The TR4 went out on two crim-hunting shifts a day, every day, clocking up about 1,000 miles a week. It had airhorns and a Winkworth bell, as well as a windscreen-mounted, hand-operated lamp. Officers would generally drive it with the roof down, helmets held on with chin-straps...
The TR4 has been fully restored and will be up for auction by Historics at Brooklands on June 1st. Forget your swanky Gulf State trinkets - here's an offbeat cop car that's seen some real action!
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