Friday, 31 May 2013

World Cup Escort - FTW 48H

FTW, indeed. (Little pop culture reference, there...)
This Escort, FTW 48H, is no retro-fitted rally replica - it's a hardened survivor from competitions of yore. One of seven Escorts to compete in the Daily Mirror World Cup Rally of 1970 (yes, the London-Mexico event that spawned the subsequent Escort Mexico variant), the car was campaigned by Sobieslaw Zasada and Mark Wachowski; due to time and personnel constraints, it was one of the three cars that weren't prepared by the works team at Boreham, instead being put together offsite using Boreham-supplied parts.
The Escort finished eighth overall, proving that the cars' inherent ruggedness went hand-in-hand with sizzling performance and bulletproof reliability to conquer some pretty harrowing terrain - indeed, other Escorts came first and third. And fifth, and sixth...

SuckSqueezeBangBlow spotted this rally legend at Motorsport at the Palace, looking pristine and workshop-fresh. To be honest, it would probably be preferable to see it covered in dust and stonechips and bits of splattered wildlife, but at least it's all period-correct! There's a wealth of '70s detail to enjoy too - the unusual tail-lights, the rollcage that triangulates to the suspension turrets from outside the roof, the three fillers for the various fuel tanks, the vast cow-catcher on the nose. A wonderful period piece, and still brimming with eager potential after forty-three years.

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