Thursday, 9 May 2013

MGA Twin-Cam

Classic British roadsters don't get a lot more elegant than the MGA. Built from 1955-62, the model represented a total stylistic shift from the wings-and-running-boards open tourers that went before it. It was crisply styled and uncluttered, and opened up whole new avenues of headscarf motoring for the eager 1950s gadabout. And when the Twin-Cam was launched in 1958, the MGA became a genuine sports car...
The Twin-Cam saw a high-compression aluminium DOHC head bolted to the robust B-series engine, offering comfortably over 100bhp. To rein in this galloping thrust, the spicy MGA featured Dunlop disc brakes all round (I know, rear disc brakes on a road car in the fifties!). Aesthetically differentiating the variant from its lesser brethren, the TC also wore Dunlop peg-drive wheels with knock-off spinners, just like a Jaguar racing car.
The one you see here is another SSBB Goodwood spot, looking rather magnificent in its ivory paint and lipstick red interior. If you enlarge the photos, you'll see that it's as clean as a whistle too. Very nice indeed.

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