Monday, 13 May 2013

MG RV8 GT Coupé

In the market for a unique and sensational MGB, but a bit put off by the £50k asking price of the Frontline LE50? Perhaps this might be more up your street...?
If the modernised nose, hunky haunches and, er, nineties number plate all look weirdly familiar, that's because this car started life as the ill-fated RV8: the unsuccessful 1990s attempt to cash in on MGB nostalgia by creating a retromodded example with a 4.0-litre Rover V8, but still with the old-school drum brakes and leaf springs. Which wasn't really what people wanted in the nineties.
...but what you see here is the RV8 as it should have been. The model was only available as a roadster, but this one's been rebuilt into a tin-top heritage shell. It's got aggressive box arches like a Group B quattro or a Delta Integrale, with 11"-wide wheels beneath, and the body is lavishly slathered in Alfa Romeo's Titanio Opaco. The V8, resplendent in shiny throttle bodies, kicks out 250bhp, which is distinctly un-MGBish in a wonderful, wonderful way. What a fun little toy to irritate cloth cap MG enthusiasts!
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