Monday, 6 May 2013

Goodwood: Soft-Top Sunday

The Goodwood Breakfast Club just keeps growing and growing in popularity. Well, this is hardly surprising really - their historic racing circuit is a pretty wonderful place to be, the price is right (er, free), and the calibre of cars on display is always outstanding.
This month's theme was 'Soft-Top Sunday', which speaks for itself. Have a scroll through the pics, you'll see that interpretations of this were pretty diverse - roadsters, spyders, coupe-cabrios, open hot rods, targas - if it offered wind-in-your-hair thrills, it was in. And, of course, there was a plethora of non-themed old-school metal outside of the main event too. (Goodwood car parks are always a show within themselves.)
So, another sensational Sunday morning. Click here for the full set of photos. Keep an eye on SuckSqueezeBangBlow this week for a few in-depth looks at some of the more unusual cars I spotted. And get yourself down to Goodwood next month...

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