Friday, 31 May 2013

Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

The 308 GT4 was a groundbreaking model for Ferrari. Introduced in 1973, it was the company's first production car to feature a mid-mounted V8, and it also managed to fit an extra set of seats ahead of the engine, making it an eminently desirable 2+2. (Although rear passengers really had to be children, or people without legs. OK, it was basically just a nicely upholstered bench to keep your jacket on.) The model originally carried 'Dino' badging, as you see on this example, which was used at the time to differentiate 'lesser' Ferraris from their full-blown V12 siblings.
It was also an angular thing, offering a stark contrast to the previous Dino - the 246GT had a curvaceous, voluptuous silhouette - and was Ferrari's first model to wear Bertone bodywork. It was badged as a Ferrari from 1976, so the one you see here is kind of a mongrel in that it's wearing both the cavallino rampante and the sub-brand names. It's actually a 1979 car, and is raced by its owner Nick Whittaker in the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic series. And doesn't it look beautiful, resting in the dappled light beneath the trees in the Motorsport at the Palace paddock?


Paul Thompson said...

What a great looking thing. Buy one now while you can(ish).

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