Friday, 17 May 2013

Dumped Trucks

It's a point often returned to on SuckSqueezeBangBlow that modified commercial vehicles - that is, those that have had their overt utilitarianism swapped out in exchange for uncompromising aesthetics - are awesome. And here's further proof.
These two Ford pick-ups, resplendent in weatherbeaten shabby-chic, sit as low as is physically possible thanks to their custom air-ride installs. They're both magnificent specimens, but I'm particularly taken with the greeny-blue one; the fact that it's got flames on one side and scallops on the other is a marvellous nose-thumbing to convention, and the addition of Econoline van grilles to the rear as taillight surrounds is a masterstroke. And both represent that which makes the customised classic truck such a cool proposition: they've earned their keep through decades of relentless toil, and have been rewarded with a little naughtiness in their retirement. Growing old disgracefully, and showing the youngsters how it's done.
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