Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cosworth Mini

When a Mini enthusiast starts itching for more power, there are a number of options available. The standard A-series engine can be breathed upon, upgraded to Cooper S spec, or bored out to 1380cc (or more). A Metro Turbo engine can be swapped in without too much hassle. Or, to enter another realm of performance, it's not unheard of to squeeze a Vauxhall XE or Honda VTEC under the bonnet, or even stick a superbike engine in the boot. But it takes a rare breed of lunacy to rip the running gear from a Sierra RS Cosworth and stuff it into the Mini's diminutive silhouette...
Nevertheless, that's exactly what's happened here. The turbocharged YB, the rear diff, it's all Ford - this is effectively a Sierra Cossie, shrunken down to half-size and hidden under a Mini shell. And it's MOT'd and road-legal too!
Click here to witness the full craziness of the build thread.

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