Monday, 13 May 2013

A Virtually Perfect Golf

OK, take a look at the first four pictures of this mkI Golf. Drink in the detail - the flawless surfaces, the perfect panel gaps, the shimmer of those Rotiform wheels... then meet me down there, below the fourth photo, yeah?

All seem a little too perfect? Aha, they're not photos at all! What we're looking at here is a superbly detailed rendering of a Golf, complete with badges, e-markings on the light clusters and all. It's phenomenal, frankly, the amount of work that's gone into creating this ultra-realistic digital model; indeed, the man behind it, Gavin Haywood, is three years into the project and still not happy with it. Perfectionism, eh? It's a curse.
Click here to see it in all its exquisite glory.

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