Thursday, 16 May 2013

'80 Arrow Sport

Remember this sensational Porsche 934 from the other day? Well, here's where the colour scheme came from...
The owner of that Porsche is more than a little enamoured of his other steer, a Plymouth Arrow Sport, hence the tribute sidestripes. And here we have a prime example of the breed, a 1980 model on the forecourt of the ever-eclectic Cats Exotics - now sold, but still visible online for us to enjoy the rakish colour-phasing, complementing the rugged, utilitarian contruct.
A badge-engineered Mitsubishi, the Sport Arrow had a 2.6-litre four-pot and a five-speed 'box, while driver and passenger got to enjoy both a sunroof (ooh, fancy) and one of the coolest interiors you could hope to find in an eighties pick-up. This may look like a customised minitruck, but it's actually all standard and original. Which is very impressive indeed.
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