Wednesday, 15 May 2013

622ci LH Torana

It takes a special kind of talent to create a car that is both staggeringly effective in its single-minded purpose (in this case, demolishing the quarter-mile), and eat-your-dinner-off-it clean.
This third-generation (LH) Holden Torana is just such a machine. Fastidiously bolted together by Victorian drag racer Mark Drew - that's 'Victorian' in the sense of 'resident of south-eastern Australia' obviously, he's not some sort of confusing time-traveller - the attention to detail is astounding: look at the individually polished wheel bolts, the super-smooth engine bay, the showcar-cleanness of the boot. And yet it's not all mouth and no trousers - those colossal rear tyres have a purpose. And that purpose is to transfer all of the hellish fury from that 622ci V8 onto the dragstrip. There's over 1,200bhp to be harnessed, despatching the quarter-mile in a mere 8.4 seconds. Sensational.
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