Thursday, 16 May 2013

'55 Buick Special

'Special' is more than just a name here.
Debuting in 1936, 'Special' was Buick's designation for their cheapest, entry-level models, although they grew in stature and import over the generations. By the time this car hit the showroom in '55, they had Nailhead V8s and acres of chrome, and represented one of America's best-selling car lines.
So, what's so special about this Special? Well, it's all in the details. Look at how the cuboid fluid reservoirs are recessed into the wing, the engine bay is totally smooth, the dash is a colour-coded delight... Built with love over a three-and-a-half year period, every inch of this Buick demonstrates careful consideration and the shunning of corner-cutting. It's got a computer-controlled LS1 V8, air-ride, Wilwood brakes, Zenith rims, and a gorgeous paintjob in Cool Vanilla and Candy Green. Go on, find a more special Special, I dare you...
Via Rod & Custom

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Paul Thompson said...

Words fail me. That is literally OFF THE SCALE.

Mind boggling levels of perfection.